Splitting the seams




expl.: nothing in life is constant, except for change. change alone is unchanging, it´s just natural, so you might as well come to terms with it. but all too often change has a negative connotation, because we fear change, most notably when confronted with the transience of being and our here with entailed endeavours for security. however change can also mean progression or creativity even though it might come at the expense of things you´ve grown fond of. but sometimes it´s just so hard to let go.


there´s no running away from this, there´s no stopping this slow decay, a little more everyday comes apart and breaks away, things are splitting at the seams and in time give way to what´s hidden underneath, things better left uncovered, try holding on to this, try making loose ends meet, you´re holding on to this with all you´ve got, but when it´s against the odds of time and space you can only live in denial for so long, because you can hear the glaciers calve from miles away, and in motion waves recede, increasing the gap in between, and that ringing in your ears fades away with distance, and now our disappointment sits between us, but it´s alright, it´s ok, nothing ever stays the same.


from Old Departures New Beginnings, released May 1, 2014



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TRAINWRECK consists of actual and former members of EAVES, GLASSES, THE TIDAL SLEEP and ENGRAVE and started rehearsing in October 2005. Since then we have released a couple of records, an LP in July 2009, an EP in June 2011 and a new full length in May 2014. ... more

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