expl.: few are those who are lucky enough to have found a way of earning a living that´s more than a mere means to an end. in fact most of the times it comes down to making compromises. the question then is: how much are you willing to compromise your ideals? at the end of the day: can you stand your reflection in the mirror? then again the labor force turns employment relationships into a battlefield, bringing out the worst in people, adding up to the potential of grinding you down.
"the difference between finding what you love and loving what you´ve found is killing us right now." Sparta - crawl


no, everything is not alright and you just can´t always force a smile, the compromises and demands, the teeth and excrements, all these wars of position - they scratch and claw at you, break you down piece by piece, at a new low - "what have i become, whose face is this, my features begin to blur, my reflection i don´t recognize anymore, oh my contradictions, my many contradictions, i´m dying little deaths and living petty lies", to walk through fire well is what matters most now, heartless, in a heartless world try not to lose yourself.


from Old Departures New Beginnings, released May 1, 2014



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TRAINWRECK consists of actual and former members of EAVES, GLASSES, THE TIDAL SLEEP and ENGRAVE and started rehearsing in October 2005. Since then we have released a couple of records, an LP in July 2009, an EP in June 2011 and a new full length in May 2014. ... more

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