expl.: so i thought i had it all figured out. everything was going according to plan, but there was a twist. an unforeseen turn of events and those best laid schemes were rendered worthless. then again, maybe it wasn´t all so surprising and i just didn´t want to see the signs? maybe i shouldn´t have staked everything on one card. yeah, hindsight is easier than foresight. whatever, the result´s quite the same: you´re at a complete loss as to what to do and time is running out. i feel like i´ve been running in the wrong direction for too long and now can´t go back to the beginning. this travel´s on the edge of a knife, stray but a little and it will fail. it´s kind of like when in 1968 the apollo 8 spacecraft travelled into the dark side of the moon, essentially passing out of contact with houston. for 45 minutes radio communication was impossible and everyone had to wait and see if the astronauts pop out the other side alive and well. over-dramatic reference, i know, but basically it comes down to this: do i have the breath to go the distance?


there´s no way back from here, i´m past the point of no return and it is too late to stop, somewhere i went wrong, on the dark side of the moon and it´s getting harder to breathe, now i am along for the ride, besides what else is there to do, it´s a feeling of slipping, slipping without falling, should have known better, should have seen the signs, the flashing lights, go on and off, put your head in your hands, there´s darkness growing down the corridor, the lights flicker and go out, i see cracks all around me, all sides are caving in on me, one more chance, just one more chance to get everything right, now all it takes is one false move and i´m gone.


from Old Departures New Beginnings, released May 1, 2014



all rights reserved



TRAINWRECK consists of actual and former members of EAVES, GLASSES, THE TIDAL SLEEP and ENGRAVE and started rehearsing in October 2005. Since then we have released a couple of records, an LP in July 2009, an EP in June 2011 and a new full length in May 2014. ... more

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