if there is light, it will find you


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Taken from a poem by Charles Bukowski called "The harder they try", "if there is light it will find you" might sound a bit fatalistic and well, in some way it is, but it also offers hope. in this regard that line also works in contrast to the lyrics on this record: a lot of them might seem a little bit negative and depressing and that´s just what they are. i do believe that everyone tends to get depressed from time to time and i´m glad i have this outlet to get a lot of that stuff of my chest, but yeah, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it´s just the train steaming ahead of you... oh but don´t you worry, because tomorrow we will run faster, making for a great "Stand By Me"-esque escape.
ps.: as always, the explanations offered are just my personal interpretations, feel free to read into the lyrics what makes sense for yourself. make your own noise. (Andi)


released June 26, 2011

Andi, Vocals
Felix, Drums
Benni, Bass
Timo, Guitar
Marc, Guitar

Recorded in May 2011 by Christoph in Cologne at the 79'Sound Studio, mixed & mastered at the Atomic Garden Studio in California by Jack

Released on Rockstarrecords (LP/CD) and VITRIOL



all rights reserved



TRAINWRECK consists of actual and former members of EAVES, GLASSES, THE TIDAL SLEEP and ENGRAVE and started rehearsing in October 2005. Since then we have released a couple of records, an LP in July 2009, an EP in June 2011 and a new full length in May 2014. ... more

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Track Name: crooked rooms
i´m shaking hands with silent knives, sleeping with snakes at my breast i should have known, traitors, liars, thieves – they´re having plans we don´t conceive, traitors, liars, thieves – all sharpen their teeth, in crooked rooms their smiles are bent, they speak in tongues and bear their fangs and build you up to tear you down, piece by piece they tear you down, traitors, liars, thieves – i wish you all had one neck and my hands were on it.
Track Name: thorns and shroud
decadence at arms length, in your jesus christ pose, the nails are being driven, “and all of that sad black has sunk into your skin, scene points for the image”, pretentiousness dripping from your fingertips, a celebration of testosterone instincts, self indulgent, self revered, self serving, thanks for the show.
Track Name: smaller and smaller
at a new low and oh how strange gravity works when the ground´s pulled from beneath your feet you´re headed for the bottom, unfortunately, unfortunately – so on and so forth, it´s written a thousand times, so please spare me your sympathy, laughter rings loud smearing the air, and i´m weighing wasted time in empty hands, shuffling my feet out the door, carrying what bits are left of me in my graying hair, their eyes stare right through me, i´m getting smaller everyday, smaller and smaller everyday, “just leave there standing my shoes (…), the left one upright, the right one on its side, there like that frozen in time, empty forever”, how would i have known i was so close to being nothing at all.
Track Name: piano gigante
and just like that i´ve lost the ability to speak, piano gigante, my vision has become colorless, blackened nothing, all dry and empty, saturated, battered bleak
these days i´m made of clay, i could sleep forever and wait it out, wait it out, the march of endless minutes without an impulse, there is nothing to forget and nothing to remember,
and just like that another year is gone and it has left its marks on me, pulling all teeth one by one, now my only emotion is quiet despair,
old man you´re now one of them, i used to think it could never happen, but it did so fast, now i don´t know myself anymore, “scheiße nein, ich will nicht wie mein vater sein”.